Duration - 2 or 3 Day

Being Agile in Business – 2 to 3 Day – On Site or Online

Ideal for teams looking for a full customised introduction to agile working

A combination of training and coaching, teams will gain: A comprehensive introduction to agile principles and practices. Practical application of agile tools to current work. Identify relevant areas where agile can be used, Understand which agile methods and tools to use and when.

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Duration - 1 or 2 day

Being Agile in Project Management – On Site or Online

Suitable for all, Non Technical, Introductory

This workshop is an ideal introduction to Agile Project Management, understand where and how agile can be adopted in current projects and workflows

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Duration - 2 or 3 hour, 1 or 2 day

Being Agile in Museums, Heritage and Arts Teams and Organisations

Suitable for teams in Museum, Heritage & Arts, including Museums, Artists, Galleries, Studios, Centres & Theatres

Find out how your team can take an agile approach to exhibitions, events, programming, marketing and more with this customised course for Museum, Heritage & Arts organisations and teams

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Duration - 1 - 3 day

Being Agile in Leadership and Management – On Site or Online

Strategic Agility for Senior Leadership Teams

For senior leaders who want to lead agility by example in their organisation and create an agile culture.

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Duration - 2 Day

Being agile : Agile Leadership Course – On Site or Online

2 Day Agile Leadership Course

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Agile Leadership

Duration - 2 hours

Agile Study – Approaches for Students – Study & Revision – Online

An introduction to agile approaches for students for planning, prioritising and getting study and revision done.

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agile study

Duration - Half Day

Being Agile in Education : Agile Study and Revision for Students

Suitable for students of all ages and levels

understand how to use agile project management for organising study and revision

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Duration - Half Day, Full Day

Being Agile Retrospectives Workshop – On Site or Online

Helping teams embed continuous reflection and improvement into their work

Agile retrospectives are a great practice for helping teams to reflect on what’s going well and what could be better, and identify opportunities for improvement and change. Retrospectives within teams helps to encourage self organisation, management and improvement. Hands on workshop for teams to help implement and improve Retrospectives within teams

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