Being Agile in Education

Students studying for their GCSEs or higher level qualifications are required to continuously complete homework, create assignments and study for exams.  To perform their best they need time and task management skills to plan and manage their workload effectively.  This course provides a tactile and hands on way to help students to map out their study and revision plans and help them get the best results and reduce stress of feeling overwhelmed.

Agile is a popular method for task management developed by the tech community which is now used widely in many business sectors and disciplines and is highly transferable into other areas including studying at school.

These simple ‘agile’ methods provide students with the study skills and tools they need to plan, prioritise and action their work.

  • Create a study plan that’s easy to manage and action
  • Plan and prioritise homework, assignments & exam revision
  • Work out where to start and how to finish
  • Learn how to take an agile approach to study to get things done
  • Learn how to break assignments and revision down into manageable actionable chunks
  • Find ways to improve current study plans and approaches used

In this 3 hour hands on workshop students will create an agile study plan for their personal homework, assignments and exam revision.  We will also plan free time and hobbies in too!

Students will work on their own personal agile study plan in the workshop and have a practical wall planner and all the materials needed to take home and use straight away.

Course Details

  • Suitable for: Secondary School Students, College/University Students.
  • Group sizes up to full classroom (20-30 students)
  • Practical and Hands on exercises
  • Course pack for each student

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