Free Agile Course – 30 minute video introduction

Learn and apply the Being Agile Mindset and Method in our quick and free agile course.
Find out if you have an agile mindset, and learn how to apply agile with the Being Agile Canvas!

This free 30 minute being agile course is a great way to quickly understand and adopt an agile mindset and apply agile methods!

In this video you will explore:

  • Agile Mindset
  • Why, when and where are Agile practices valuable
  • Predictive v Adaptive Planning
  • Agile Manifesto
  • Agile Mindset Exercise
  • Agile Methods
  • Linear v Iterative Cycles
  • Sprints of work
  • Free Agile Planning Canvas
  • Using an Agile Board – physical or digital
  • Monitoring Progress
  • Simple applying agile case example
  • Applying agile tips

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Watch the Free Agile Course now!

“Belinda, you were absolutely brilliant in talking us all through the Agile Working Workshop on line this morning. I highly recommend a session with Belinda, for anyone looking at their own business planning and mapping currently – a great way to breakdown the hurdles for the here and now and to look to the future for yourselves and your business. Thanks Belinda.“

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