Webinar : Being agile in business during covid-19

“One of the best webinars I’ve attended in ages. I liked the technology you used for the webinar too. Very user friendly and clear. ” 

This 2 hour online course is focused on helping teams and businesses to gain perspective, find direction, pivot their offering quickly, manage change on a daily basis and ensure continuous learning and improvement toward their ‘new normal’.

– Help gain perspective and embrace uncertainty in challenging times
– Techniques for pivoting products and services to sustain business
– Practical methods for managing when things are changing every day
– Ways teams can learn and adapt by the habit of continuous reflection

The course introduces key agile concepts and practices to help teams sustain, evolve, adapt and grow despite the disruption and uncertainty of lockdown and the pandemic.

– Tailor-made for uncertainty, constant change and the unknown.
– Helps businesses and teams plot a course through unpredictability
– Immediately help businesses to gain control and perspective, and find a way forward.
– Help you navigate through and beyond the current crisis, even to the point of planning growth.

Suitable for any team or individual looking to adopt agile practices to help navigate change during the pandemic.

Includes practical exercises and tips for implementing within your team and business.

“Great session today – have already revised my task list! Thank you”

“Belinda, you were absolutely brilliant in talking us all through the Agile Working Workshop on line this morning. I highly recommend a session with Belinda, for anyone looking at their own business planning and mapping currently – a great way to breakdown the hurdles for the here and now and to look to the future for yourselves and your business. Thanks Belinda.“

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