Principles and Practices Workshop

This workshop provides a great hands-on introduction to agile principles and practices. Attendees will gain a clear understanding of the principles and theory behind agile working, as well as practically apply agile principles and practices within their own working environment.

At the heart of agile is the Agile Manifesto and its guiding Principles. For adoption beyond software these values and principles have been adapted for use by teams for helping to enhance their agility and improve their growth, performance and well-being.

Agile principles help to guide teams to understand the behaviours and attitudes needed to improve their agility. These guiding principles provide a go to reference to ensure that the team is aligned, and to identify when they maybe challenged or not working effectively.

Being Agile Principles

  • Satisfy the customer through valuable working solutions
  • Deliver working solutions early & frequently
  • Welcome changing requirements
  • Work collaboratively
  • Provide the environment and support needed
  • Trust the team to get the job done
  • Conversation is key to effective communication
  • Working Solutions are the primary measure of progress
  • Create a sustainable pace to maximise performance
  • Continuous feedback, learning & improvement enhances agility
  • Simplicity – the art of maximizing work not done
  • The best solutions emerge from self-organising teams
  • Regularly reflect and tune

Course Outcomes

  • Understand key agile principles, concepts, terms, and practices
  • Understand benefits of agile approaches and key techniques
  • Practice key agile activities and methods
  • Prepare to participate in an upcoming agile project

Course Details

  • Course level : Introduction
  • Suitable for : all, non-technical
  • Type : Theory and Practical application
  • Delivery : online or on site
  • Suitable for teams
  • Includes resources and materials

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Article : Agile Mindset : Being agile over being perfect

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