Duration - hourly/daily

Being Agile Guide: Coaching, Mentoring, Facilitation and Advice

Your Agile Guide for sustaining and growing your business, and improving the performance and well-being of your teams with agile working

Coaching, Mentoring, Facilitation and Advice to help you and your team to improve growth, well-being and productivity in your organisation. Business Leadership. Innovation & Improvement. Business Planning. Business Modelling. Project Management. Team Development. Product Development.

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agile training workshop

Duration - 2x 1/2 Day

Agile Introduction & Applying Agile Team Workshop Programme

Introduction to Agile & Applying Agile Workshop

Introduction to Agile Thinking & Methods, with Applying Agile workshop. Includes access to online learning Hub

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Being Agile Canvas - Agile Project Management

Duration - 2 - 4 hours

Agile Online Workshop

Being Agile Taster : Online Workshop & Coaching Session

This 2 or 4 hour session.   Suitable for any individual or small group looking to find out more about agile working.

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agile courses image

Duration - 1 Day

Being Agile in Business

Suitable for teams looking for a customised introduction to agile

This Being Agile in Business training course will introduce attendees to the essential methods, skills and values of agile working in a business and teams context. It will provide a clear understanding of agile principles, concepts and tools that can be immediately implemented. Work faster, think clearer and improve your individual, team and business agility with this Being Agile in Business course.

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Practical Agile Workshops

Duration - Variable

Agile Business Programme

Ideal for teams looking for a full customised introduction to agile working

A combination of training and coaching, teams will gain: A comprehensive introduction to agile principles and practices. Practical application of agile tools to current work. Identify relevant areas where agile can be used, Understand which agile methods and tools to use and when.

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Agile Training Course

Duration - Various

Being Agile Project Management

Suitable for all, Non Technical, Introductory

This workshop is an ideal introduction to Agile Project Management, understand where and how agile can be adopted in current projects and workflows

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Agile canvas and book Workshop

Duration - Various

Developing an Agile Mindset

Agile Mindset Coaching and Consulting Session

Custom coaching and consulting sessions to help you explore and enhance your agile mindset

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agile thinking

Remember the Future Roadmap Workshop

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remember the future roadmap

Duration - Various

Agile Leadership Training Workshop

Agile Leadership Workshop Training

Online live session for individuals and teams to explore Agile Leadership and Teams

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Agile Leadership

Duration - Various

Being agile : Agile Leadership Course

Agile Leadership Programme

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Agile Leadership
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