Being Agile in Remote Teams

Agile approaches for high performing remote teams

With the impact of recent events, teams are migrating to remote working in order to continue their roles. Working remotely, and from home is becoming at least in part, the new norm.

To adapt to this new way of working and perform their best, teams need to embed new approaches into the way they work.

Agile is a popular team based approach to managing change and uncertainty that originated in the tech community. Agile is becoming more widely used across business sectors and disciplines for helping teams to enhance their well-being, performance and growth.

Agile methods enable remote teams to :

– Communicate, plan and collaborate remotely
– Identify opportunities and uncover challenges.
– Adapt to change and manage uncertainty
– Reflect, learn and improve ways of working
– Maintain a healthy work/life balance
– Take advantage of the flexibility of remote working
– Strengthen their performance and well-being.

This course encourages teams to organise themselves, helping them get the best results, face challenges and continuously improve. Agile gives teams a sense of ownership and control, providing them with key practices and tools to support their continued well-being, performance and growth.

Delivered in two 90 minute sessions we will explore 10 traits of remote agile teams and over 20 agile methods and tools they use to ensure team performance, well-being and growth.

Agile Remote Teams:

1. Are adaptive and responsive
2. Work in short sprints
3. Make work in progress visible
4. Make things happen
5. Keep in touch
6. Are self-organising
7. Collaborate
8. Listen, learn and improve
9. Have agile leaders
10. Embrace collaborative technology


– Customised for your team
– Apply tools and practices to your team context
– Group questions and discussions
– Practical guides and Hands on exercises included
– Printable course pack for each attendee
– Over 20 guides to tools and practices included
– Follow up courses, coaching and facilitated practice available

Course Details

Delivery: Flexible. Available in 2hr, 3hr, 4hr and 6hr formats
Suitable for: Any team/team member working remotely. All business sectors/disciplines. No previous experience of agile required.
Group sizes: Zoom (2 way) – up to 8. Click Meeting Webinar (with chat) up to 25.

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“Invigorating, timely and informative training. Given me confidence to try some of the ways of agile working, firstly as an individual and then across the organisation. Liked having access to the training material in advance of the training. Did not use jargon. Highly recommend. Can’t wait to try an agile approach.”
Amanda Anderson, Chief Operating Officer, , Durham Cathedral

“A really interesting session giving tips and tools on how to become more agile as remote teams. There was a lot of helpful content and ideas that I will be thinking about how to take forward in my own work, that of my team and wider project teams in which I participate.
I really appreciated the links to free tools that can support agile working in practice and the nugget of advice to take an ‘agile’ approach to start to work in an ‘agile’ manner i.e. small and meaningful change.”

Gaye Kirby, Head of Development & Strategy, Durham Cathedral

“Well presented and very informative.”
Stuart Dandy, Software Developer

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