Agile Retrospective Sailing Boat

agile canvas – introduction to agile working

The being agile canvas – a simple guide to applying agile to your world. Download your free canvas and guide.

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Being Agile Canvas - Agile Project Management

Retrospective Sailing Game : Step by Step Guide & Video

Being Agile : Retrospective Sailing is one of the most popular games teams adopt to reflect and map their way forward easily, in a fun, tactile and visual way. It can be used for many purposes where you want to review what’s going well, what could go better, and ensure you are responding regularly to the shifting horizon your organisation and teams face.

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Agile Courses

Agile in Non Technical Teams

Being agile provide an array of agile non-technical training, coaching and workshop solutions to support your team to adopt agile ways of working in your organisation.

Specialising in the adoption of agile in non-technical teams, our courses and experiences enable teams from all disciplines to explore how and where agile can be adopted to help improve growth, productivity and well-being within teams.

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Being Agile in Museums

Absolutely delighted to work with the Media Majlis team in Doha, Qatar to deliver a 3 day Being Agile course to their team.

Over the 3 days teams gained an understanding of agile methods and tools and how they can be applied within a Museum context.

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agile museum

Being Agile in Business : Being Agile : The Book

Work faster, think clearer and improve your agility, both professionally and personally, with a suite of powerful tools that will introduce you to the essential skills and mindsets of agile and lean and quickly encourage you to start thinking differently.

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