Being Agile Coaching, Mentoring, Facilitation & Advice

Being agile provide custom coaching, mentoring and facilitation for teams who are looking for advice and guidance on adopting and improving their agility.

Providing advice, guidance and support for sustaining and growing your business, harnessing the potential of your organisation and enhancing the well-being and performance of your teams.

– Business Planning
– Business Model Development
– Team Development
– Project Management
– Product Innovation & Development
– Innovation & Growth Strategies
– Sustaining Business
– Leadership & Culture

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  • Help teams to implement and adapt agile approaches in context for their organisation
  • Shared experiences and advice through Mentoring to increase agile working
  • Advice on options and way forward to achieve your mission and goals
  • Customised guidance, experience and knowledge relevant to your objectives and goals
  • Identify the most relevant agile methods and tools for your team
  • Coaching to help teams adapt and evolve their agile working practices
  • External facilitation to support your team
  • Gain a Sounding board and independent perspective
  • Develop your agility beyond processes and tools

Belinda is a ILM qualified Coach and Mentor with 20 years experience of working with organisations to improve their productivity, growth and well-being.  She has worked with start ups, growing and established businesses of all shapes and sizes successfully helping them to improve their agility.  Belinda has experience working in a variety of sectors and disciplines, from manufacturing to museums, design to finance.

Coaching and Mentoring can be enhanced with a mix of facilitated workshops and training to help your team to learn, apply and reflect upon your adoption and adaptation of agile for your organisation.

  • Understand and adopt key concepts, principles and philosophy of agile working in context
  • Apply agile thinking, methods and tools to current roles, team and projects
  • Test and explore scenarios where an agile approach can be applied
  • Gain practical experience of the agile mindset, model, methodology
  • Enhance team working and communication

Coaching and Mentoring is available on or off site, online via video conferencing, or over the phone.

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Available at an hourly or half/full day rate.

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