Agile Leadership Training – Workshop

If we want our organisation and teams to be agile then we need a leadership style to complement. In this session we will explore what an agile organisation and culture looks like, and the traits and tactics agile leaders use to empower and support their teams. We will look at how to manage and nurture innovative and high performing teams and how to build the right environment that ensures their growth and well-being to the benefit of your organisation.

Introduction to agile, leading agile teams – Training and practice for Leadership Teams

This online 2 hour workshop for leadership teams will introduce the agile mindset and method together with practical guides on leading agile teams.

The session includes:

  • The agile leadership mindset
  • Leadership Teams
  • Agile business leadership
  • Agile project leadership
  • Agile teams
  • Leading agile teams
  • Agile culture

The workshop will be a mix of theory, training, discussion, and practical application. The team will identify key areas of work and projects where agile is relevant and applicable for the wider teams to explore in future sessions.


  • Establish goals and objectives for wider team application of agile.
  • Explore agile application individually and within sub-teams.
  • Identify key areas agile is relevant and applicable for team.
  • Action plan – establish an agile plan that can be immediately used by the team.
  • Understanding of agile and ideas to share with the team prior to full team sessions.

Being Agile Sessions are fully customisable to fit your team needs, and your time and budget available. Sessions can be flexed to be shorter or longer, provide an overview or focus in on specific areas of interest. Please do speak to us about tailoring your programme further.

Please contact us for a free initial conversation to design your own custom Agile programme.

Topics include:

• Empowering Innovation and Collaboration
• Agile Leadership & Management
• High Performing Agile Teams
• Understanding Business Agility
• Agile organisations
• Self-managing and organising teams
• Increased performance & well-being
• Increased visibility & communications
• Servant Leadership
• Facilitation Skills

“The squads we set up continue to run, they have definitely helped drive collaboration, the breaking down of silos and greater trust across the team and with the leadership team. I think they also set us up to make the shift to remote working much quicker than might otherwise have been the case.” Rob Shaw, BP.

Workshop/Training Details

  • Duration : 2 hours, also available as half and full day workshops.
    Format : Online session. Theory, practice & discussion.
  • Type : Coaching, training and mentoring
  • Course options: Private Team
    Suitable for: Leadership Teams, Directors, Boards, Senior Management, Team Leaders, Scrum Masters.
  • No previous experience required.
  • Our private courses are customised to fit your context and organisation, please contact us to discuss the details.
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Belinda has enabled us to understand the agile methodology, anticipate change in our fast-moving sector, streamline workflows and discover new ways to collaborate” Crowdfunder

Agile Leadership Workshop – Training topics include:

  • Agile Leadership
  • Are you enhancing or sabotaging your agility?
  • Being Agile Manifesto
  • Agile Principles
  • Create your own Agile Manifesto
  • Agile Leadership – the traffic light or roundabout approach – Agile Thinking Exercise
  • Agile Thinking Game : Agile Mindset -Exercise
  • Thinking Game : Agile Mindset : Source
  • Are you doing agile or being agile? What’s the difference? Agile Leadership & Teams
  • The GROW Model
  • Growth Mindset versus Fixed Mindset
  • Team Roadmap
  • Sprint Planning : Creating an Agile Sustainable Pace
  • Agile Team Size
  • Servant Leadership
  • Building an Agile Culture
  • The Adoption Lifecycle
  • Transformation Journey
  • Strategic Roadmap Exercise
  • Mapping Goals – Game – Remember the Future
  • Mapping Goals – Exercise – Goals Roadmap
  • Business Model Canvas – Business growth
  • Business Model Canvas – Product Development
  • Value Proposition
  • New Product/Market Development – BMC
  • Visualising Workflow : Interruptions & Disruption
  • Customer/Project Pipeline – Visualising Flow
  • Remote Working

Agile Leadership & Management – Articles and Further Reading

A one or two day full version of the Agile Leadership and Teams course is available for teams both on site and online. Please contact us to discuss a custom course for your team.

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