The Agile Canvas

The agile canvas is a simple template to help bring an agile angle to your work and life.

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The canvas is a great way to start seeing your work and life in a more agile way. Use agile in your business for:

  • Project Management
  • Team Working and Collaboration
  • Managing day to day work
  • Events planning
  • Mapping out Ideas

The canvas has been used by hundreds of businesses, teams and individuals to help turn ideas into reality, manage chaotic projects, keep track of day to day activities and planning events.

Use in your Business to improve productivity, growth and well-being:

  • Project and Team activity and planning
  • Mapping change and Improvement activity
  • Identify process improvements, gaps, trends, opportunities
  • Mapping initial ideas and activity for ideas and new projects
  • Increase visibility and communication in your team

The Agile Canvas is part of our ‘Being Agile in Business’ courses which introduce agile principles and practices to teams and organisations.

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Courses & Workshops

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Work/Life Balance

Use at home and for personal interests and projects too, download yours for:

  • Events planning – Birthdays, Weddings, Holidays planning
  • Students – Homework and Revision planning
  • Plan and track home and DIY projects
  • Manage Hobbies and Interests

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