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Retrospective Wheel
sanity metrics over vanity metrics

Agile State of Mind – State, Structure, Content

This simple model – state, structure and content is a great concept to use for sustaining an agile state of mind.

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agile mindset - state, structure, content
Agile Manifesto
Agile Retrospective Sailing Boat

Agile – Non Technical Application

Being agile provide an array of agile non-technical training, coaching and workshop solutions to support your team to adopt agile ways of working in your organisation.

Specialising in the adoption of agile in non-technical teams, our courses and experiences enable teams from all disciplines to explore how and where agile can be adopted to help improve growth, productivity and well-being within teams.

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Agile Training Course

Agile Museums – Being Agile in Museums

Absolutely delighted to work with the Media Majlis team in Doha, Qatar to deliver a 3 day Being Agile course to their team.

Over the 3 days teams gained an understanding of agile methods and tools and how they can be applied within a Museum context.

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