What is agile swarming

Agile swarming
What is agile swarming and how it can be applied in agile teams and as an agile organisation

Agile team tactics

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agile buzzwords

Agile Supplier – What to expect

Belinda explains the difference between traditional and agile approaches and why customers benefit from the agile approach if it is unclear exactly what they want or how they would like to achieve it at the beginning of the project. If decisions are still to be made, and its unclear what options you would like to take then agile can be a great approach to collaboratively building innovative solutions with your partner suppliers.

We will explore what an agile supplier is, what an agile customer is, and the roles they play. What’s expected of you as the customer, and what you can expect from your agile supplier!

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Agile Performance Marketing – Video – Being Agile Talk to Target

Agile Performance Marketing Video – Being Agile talk to Target – A conversation and guide to combining Performance Marketing and Agile Methods. With Josh Fletcher and Belinda Waldock

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Agile Performance Marketing and SEO

Agile Planning Guide – Estimation & Prioritisation

In this Agile Planning guide we will apply agile estimation and prioritisation tools to help inform our sprint planning and decision making.

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agile planning canvas

Minimum Viable Product

The Minimum Viable Product, MVP, is a popular agile concept that is hard to pin down to a single definition, it can be used in many contexts and scenarios

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Agile Event Marketing – stories & guides

One of my favourite areas to apply agile has to be within marketing. Agile approaches fit well into Event Marketing because marketing is highly responsive and adaptive, and agile at its origin is a way to manage uncertain and un-predictable projects successfully

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Agile on the Beach - Agile Games

Agile Marketing Plan Story – How long to write a blog post?

Agile Marketing Plan – using agile estimation and prioritisation tools to help plan agile projects and campaigns.
Two colleagues working as a pair to apply agile to create their marketing plan and manage collaborative projects – Being Agile workshop using the Being Agile method and canvas.

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Creating an agile sustainable pace to maximise performance

Sprint Planning : Creating an Agile Sustainable Pace to maximise performance.

A key benefit of an agile approach is how working in sprints enables us to better develop an agile sustainable pace of work, that in turn helps us to maximise our long term performance.

While a high pace of work may deliver high value in the short term it is not sustainable in the long term.

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The Art of Maximising Work Not Done – Pareto Principle

Pareto Principle – maximising work not done! How to identify the 20% effort that gives us 80% value. Video and Exercises

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Pareto Principle