Being Agile Guides – 40 Quick Guides to Being Agile in Business

  1. What is agile? Its origin and evolution as a modern business management approach for growth, performance and well-being
  2. Agile Planning Guide – Estimation & Prioritisation – In this Agile Planning guide we will apply agile estimation and prioritisation tools to help inform our sprint planning and decision making.
  3. The Minimum Viable Product, MVP, is a popular agile concept that is hard to pin down to a single definition, it can be used in many contexts and scenarios, read more about MVP’s here
  4. Here’s an article about the Being Agile Method
  5. Read about the Being Agile Manifesto & Principles – understand the mindset, values and beliefs of agility.
  6. Here’s a guide about applying Agile in Project Management
  7. Here’s a guide for Applying Agile for Managing Workflow
  8. Read this guide to applying Agile for Building Agile Solutions
  9. Stand up meetings are a really popular style of meeting in agile teams. Read this guide to sprint check ins and how they can help monitor progress, flag up problems and keep up to speed
  10. Agile is an adaptive method – Here’s a guide about why we value Adaptive over Predictive Planning
  11. Here’s a simple introduction to adaptive agile methods and its comparison to traditional predictive methods
  12. We can use agile to help us to create a sustainable pace that helps us to maximise our performance, read more here about how you can find your own sustainable pace using agile
  13. We need to consider the complexity of something in order to help us to estimate how long it might take.  Here’s a great matrix to help us to broadly categorise ideas and tasks to plan and prioritise effectively from simple to chaotic!
  14. The Art of Maximising Work Not Done – Find out more about the Pareto Principle and how you can apply it!
  15. Watch this video discussing the benefits and challenges of Metrics and how we should value Sanity metrics over vanity metrics
  16. Agile Mindset : Being agile over being perfect
  17. Being Agile in Leadership : Be an agile business leader
  18. Agile Management: Tips for building a brighter future
  19. 10 ways your business can become more agile today
  20. How to Build an Agile Culture
  21. A Guide to Agile Working
  22. Six Ways to Work Smarter using Agile
  23. How to build an agile business
  24. What is Agile Working – How your Firm can think fast and innovate
  25. Facilitating Meetings : Great Tips to make your Meetings more Effective
  26. 5 Tips for Agile Working : Guest Blog, Jarrang : A Smarter Approach: A guide to agile working
  27. Agile Principles : Conversation is key to effective communication
  28. I love sticky notes, the more colours the better!  How do you peel yours?!  Here’s a great fun video with tips on how to make the most of sticky notes on our you tube channel here
  29. Feel the fear and do it the agile way – 25 ways to feel the fear and do it the agile way. Tips for boosting your agility and well-being
  30. 25+ Being Agile Books to Read, People to Follow
  31. A to Z of Being Agile in Business –
  32. Agile Mindset Books – 10 books for developing an agile mindset
  33. If you would like to learn a bit more about Being Agile Roadmaps. You can watch the Remember the Future Roadmap workshop and create your own here
  34. Building a Sustainable Pace in a Team: The Importance of Rhythm and Slack
  35. What is agile swarming and how it can be applied
  36. 8 Hats of an Agile Guide! Teacher Trainer Facilitator Advisor Consultant Coach Mentor – Sandwich Analogy
  37. Being Agile in High Growth Businesses
  38. Being Agile GROW Model guide, game, 75+ questions
  39. Agile Language – Buzzwords and Job Titles – the obvious and the ambiguous
  40. Improving Flow – How to map your Customer Journey and create a customer Pipeline board

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