Applying Agile : Managing Workflow

In its simplest form, agile is a fabulous dynamic to do list!

Agile Workflow – In its simplest form, a method to organise, manage, monitor your day to day work alongside change and improvement projects.

A simple tool to help you to organise, manage, monitor and improve your day to day work.

Agile is great for managing workflow and helping to create a balanced and sustainable pace, at an individual, team and organisational level.

Working in short agile sprints we can better manage our capacity and flow of work.

Sprints help us to create a rhythm of work, and help plan the right mix of doing the day to day work, alongside work to change and improve our current ways of working.

We can think of our work mix in different ways, everyone has a unique mix.

One way to think of our mix of work is run/change the business. What do we do that’s running the business, doing our day job, and then what do we do to change the business, improve our work and grow the business.

Agile workflow balance

Think about your own role, workload, or a scenario where you would like to apply agile, what’s the current mix of work, and what would you like it to be? The questions below will help you to map out and review your workload mix.

  • What different types of work to do?
  • What’s your mix of work currently?
  • How long do you spend on planned work and responding to ad-hoc requests?
  • What’s the ratio of your work? planned/unplanned? day to day/improvement?
  • Is there something you would like to do more of, or start doing?
  • Is there anything you would like to do less of, or stop doing?
  • What would you like your mix of work to be?

Agile can help us to see our mix of work and the time we spend, help us to see what is flowing, and what is stuck.

Use the Being Agile Canvas to practically apply agile to your own workflow.

Being Agile Canvas - Agile Project Management

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