“After a lot of sticky notes and proactive discussions, we’re walking away well equipped with how to improve our working process and be dynamic. Belinda has empowered us to perform effectively as individuals, with clients, and when we’re collaborating together on projects. Target is a performance marketing agency, and Being Agile’s workshops have been excellent” Josh Flethcher, Founder, Target

Agile Performance Marketing.

Belinda & Josh share thoughts and stories about Agile, Performance Marketing and SEO


1 – The power of stories – conversation is key to effective communication

2 – Ultimate Black Friday Boo Boo!

4 – Agile and Marketing Models synergy

7 – Data & Analytics as an enabler

10 – Realtime Feedback Loops

11 – Test Driven Customer Experience

18 – Gymshark Model – brilliant brand, influencer marketing, inclusive community

22 – Constant Feedback loops accelerate performance and growth

28 – Marketing Mix – one size doesn’t fit all

30 – Pareto’s 80:20 principle in Marketing

32 – Diverse teams build diverse solutions

37 – Connecting Marketing with the Business through Agile

39 – Responding to Customer Expectations

41 – SEO – Googles new ranking algorithms, helpful content and its impact

43 – SEO – User Experience – Google core web vitals

45 – Great User Experience – a creative and technical mix

46 – Starting and Scaling Performance Marketing

47 – Random acts of marketing

48 – Working out what moves the needle

54 – Conversion Rate Challenges post lockdown

56 – Black November a response to the World Cup

57 – The natural agility of sport and synergies with marketing

Agile Performance Marketing & SEO

Josh Fletcher is the host of the Performance Marketing Podcast and the founder of Target – the award-winning performance marketing agency with a creative edge. Target helps high potential eCommerce, travel and challenger brands to scale more predictably and more profitably using Paid Search, Paid Social & SEO.

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