Growing an Agile Culture
Session Category : Talk
March 22, 2019

Feedback from the room

  • Very lovely presenter, there were really nice examples from her life experiences and the retro
  • Another great talk from an incredible energetic and engaging speaker. It’s a shame the talk was only 45 mins.
  • Very good presentation. Looking forward to practise “retrospective sailing” with team 
  • Good session.
  • Lively after lunch.
  • Well facilitated 
  • Great insights and interactive session was really useful 
  • Belinda is an engaging and interesting speaker 

Video – aginext video growing an agile culture

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Find the full guide to Retrospective Sailing here

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Delighted to be returning to aginext in March to speak about agile culture and leadership.

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In this talk we will explore how creating a culture of agility across an organisation helps to enhance well-being, productivity and growth.

We will consider what an agile culture looks like, feels like, what it means, and outcomes we might expect.

We will look at how we create a better agile culture in teams, what are the key things we should do, stop doing, and what approach should we take. We will identify some of the behaviours and limiting beliefs we have that sabotage our agility, and how to strengthen our supporting beliefs and values to build confidence and sustain an agile culture.