A Practical Introduction to Agile Planning – Applying Agile with the Agile Canvas

ESF Innovation in Higher Level Skills FREE Innovative Skills for Businesses in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

Tues 22nd Sept 2020, 10-12am

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ESF Innovation in Higher Level SkillsFREE Innovative Skills for Businesses in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

This course provides a hands-on introduction to agile planning using the Agile Canvas, attendees will gain a clear understanding of the agile methodology and practically apply it to planning current workload. At the end of the workshop attendees will have the practical experience, resources and skills to take away and immediately implement agile working.

At its core, agile is a methodology that has evolved to deliver positive results during extreme change and uncertainty. Originating from the tech sector this practical modern methodology helps individuals and teams to better manage their work-flow, well-being and personal growth in any environment.

• Understand key agile concepts, terms, and practices

• Understand benefits of an agile approach

• Practically apply agile methods and tools to current work

In this 2 hour online course attendees will experience agile working throughout the session using the Agile Canvas. Attendees will gain a clear understanding of the principles and theory behind agile working, as well as practically apply agile methods and practices within their own working environment.

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