Agile state of mind

Agile Mindset: State, Structure, Content

This simple model – state, structure and content is a great concept to use when thinking about your agile mindset.

William T Cairley, Business and Personal Coach, Master Business Practitioner NLP, first introduced me to the 3 layers of State, Structure and Content as a coaching tool, especially when presenting.  

Agile state of mind

Creating the right state of mind to achieve agility is vital, agile works with change, it sees it as an everyday occurrence and gives us a way of thinking and a structure to map out and manage change by embracing uncertainty through learning and experimentation. 

Getting into the right mindset, ensuring our attitude and our behaviours are inline with our agile values and beliefs.

An agile state is achieved by adopting an agile philosophy, the approach, values and beliefs that drive agile behaviour.

In order to do things well we must have a good state of mind, good structure and good content.  The structure of agile tools and techniques provide a structure makes it possible to sustain a state of agility

Agile Structure

The Agile methodology provides structure that supports agile behaviour.  The methodology provides the tactics, tools and techniques for managing and thriving during change and embracing uncertainty. 

Agile Content

The activities, value, resources that deliver the desired solution to meet goals and achieve success     

Use Case :  Presenting

If delivering a presentation it is vital that the presenter is focused and in the right frame of mind to allow them to convey their content in the best way, their tone, mood, pitch and body language must be positive and engaging if anyone is going to listen to what they have to say. 

The presentation must also be structured well so that it flows and makes sense to the listener.  The structure of the presentation will also include details of the presentation such as timing, audience, branding/layout and style, housekeeping and other relevant element that guide the structure and format of the presentation. 

If the presenter has a good agile state of mind and a good structure this should guide and prompt the content of the presentation and help ensure that it is delivered successfully. 

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