Agile Marketing Workshop

Agile thinking and methods work brilliantly in marketing teams and projects. Marketing is dynamic in its nature, responsive to the markets, and able to move quickly through technology channels to engage with customers and users. In this Agile Marketing Workshop you will learn and apply agile methods within your own marketing strategies, plans, projects and campaigns.

  • Improve responsiveness of campaigns
  • Test ideas and innovations
  • Improve engagement with customers and users
  • Improve collaboration and cross functional working across the business
  • Improve productivity and growth
  • Improve well-being and engagement
  • Continuously improve and evolve practices

  • Agile Thinking – develop an agile mind set and how it applies in marketing
  • Agile Method – adopt agile principles and practices for marketing projects
  • Agile Approach – implement practical tools and techniques in marketing teams
  • Agile Culture – create an environment that enables agility

Find out more about agile as a methodology for marketing through a this 1 day workshop customised to fit your team and projects

Agile Marketing Topics and Themes 

  • Agile Marketing Principles
  • Agile Marketing Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Launching new Products & Services
  • Planning & Releases
  • New Product and Market development
  • Team working
  • Competition & Market Forces
  • Agile Marketing Plans
  • Behaviour & Test Driven Marketing
  • Minimum Viable Product/ Minimum Marketable Product
  • Agile Marketing Mix
  • Customer Relationships & Channels
  • User Experience
  • Personas and Stories
  • Value Proposition

Agile Marketing topics

  • Website Development
  • Digitaltech Projects
  • Campaigns Management
  • Events
  • Public Relations
  • Communications
  • Brand & style
  • Analytics & Performance

A combination of training and coaching this customised course includes:

  • Practical application of agile tools to existing work
  • Coaching to help understand where and how agile methods can be best used in your organisation

Agile Marketing Workshop Details

  • Duration : Various
  • Group Size : Various
  • No previous knowledge required
  • Includes course materials
  • Course level : Introduction
  • Suitable for : Marketing, Events, Promotion, Campaign Teams and Professionals.
  • Type : Theory and Practical
  • Customised
  • Delivery on or off site
  • Includes resources and materials

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Minimum Viable Product

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We’ve worked with a variety of Marketing teams and organisations to help them adopt and apply agile to their work, whether to improve day-to-day work, or for change and improvement programmes.

Agile Performance Marketing and SEO

“After a lot of sticky notes and proactive discussions, we’re walking away well equipped with how to improve our working process and be dynamic. Belinda has empowered us to perform effectively as individuals, with clients, and when we’re collaborating together on projects. Target is a performance marketing agency, and Being Agile’s workshops have been excellent” Josh Fletcher, Founder, Target -A Performance Marketing Agency

Agile Merchandise

  • Gain visibility and increase team working
  • Plan and Delivery Marketing Campaigns
  • Enable self-organisation and management
  • Improve efficiency
  • Improve collaboration across business
  • Implement marketing technology solutions

Pearson - publishers of being agile in business

  • Corporate Marketing & Communications
  • Leading Agile Teams
  • Agile Marketing Campaigns

agile social media

  • Agile Start Up
  • Business Growth
  • Agile Social Media
  • Social Media Management Teams
  • Client Project Management

agile on the beach

  • Marketing lead from 2011-2018 supporting the growth of the conference into a self-sustaining global award winning event with 50 international speakers and 500 attendees over 4 days.

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