I am delighted to be keynoting at the Arts Marketing Associations Digital Marketing Day this December in London as well as a seminar on Agile Marketing

Being agile — what it is and how it works in practice

Agile Marketing – applying agile methods to marketing strategies, plans and tactics

Below is the video from my keynote session following the welcome to the conference, and also followed by Sara from Brooklyn Museums fantastic keynote.

Keynote Slides
AMA Digital Marketing Day – Dec 16 – Being Agile Keynote from Belinda Waldock

Agile Marketing Slides

Agile Marketing – AMA Digital Marketing Day Dec 16 from Belinda Waldock

Belinda will provide an insight into what agile is. Agile project management methods can help businesses identify and overcome barriers to growth. At its core, agile is a methodology developed to deliver positive results in environments of extreme change. This landscape of uncertainty is becoming familiar to the arts, culture and heritage sector. Belinda will share her experiences of helping organisations in the creative industries adopt agile.

Digital Marketing Day 2016

2 December
9.30am — 5.00pm
Kings Place, London

Engaging with audiences digitally offers huge opportunities and some challenges. How can we make the most of our digital potential — especially with limited time and resources?

Digital Marketing Day 2016 — Iterate and Innovate — will consider how arts, culture and heritage organisations are borrowing from agile methodologies to maximise their return on investment. Join us to explore how taking an agile approach could impact your organisation; hear how others are changing their structures, processes and budgets to enable this; learn how to identify the activity that is contributing to your goals; and identify when to halt digital activity that is not helping you achieve your objectives.

This day event is for those working in arts, culture and heritage organisations in digital, marketing or leadership positions. The programme is designed for those who want to discover latest thinking, share ideas and change the role digital plays in their organisation.