Lights, Camera…Agile – Adoption in the Film Sector

Falmouth based film production company DOGBITE have applied Agile and is now set to play a key role in the UK’s film and TV industry.

DOGBITE is a team of experienced and creative film makers. Since the company was formed in 2012, DOGBITE has doubled its turnover year on year producing high quality commercials, documentaries and music videos. Clients include 20th Century Fox, National Geographic, Mind Candy and Carte Blanche Group.

Company manager Michelle Taylor explained the benefits she and the team have seen from working with Agile Innovation: “In many ways we’re a group of very typical creatively minded people in that we are passionate about what we do, we share very high production values and we aim to deliver outstanding films to our clients. However film-making isn’t all glamour and exotic location; it’s extremely hard work and demands organisational excellence to project manage multiple high-end projects and ensure the right people with the right kit are where they need to be at all times. “Agile has made a huge difference to how we run the business especially the effectiveness of our project planning and that in turn makes us even better at what we do.”

Michelle and her colleagues use various Agile tools and principles to track projects, schedule work and prioritise tasks. The team also have an ‘ideas cloud’ which enables them to flag up and share new concepts. “As well as changing how we operate, Agile has also brought our group even closer together as it’s great for team building and improving communication,” said Michelle. “Having worked with Agile Innovation I can see how the methodology could be applied to fit almost any business so I would really encourage people to look into it.”

Belinda Waldock paid tribute to the DOGBITE team’s enthusiasm for Agile: “It’s been wonderful to see how this hugely talented group of people have improved how they run their business. By the team embracing the principles of Agile so keenly DOGBITE is well placed to build on the high levels of growth already achieved and I am very confident this business will play a starring role in Cornwall’s economy for many years to come.”

A globally recognised business improvement methodology that originated in the IT sector has been adapted to fit high growth firms across Cornwall. Agile enables businesses to improve their own systems and procedures and in so doing deliver a better quality of service to customers.