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Delighted to confirm I will be in London in June running a retrospective workshop at Devoxx

Smooth Sailing – A Retrospective Sailboat Game

Collaboration Games for team building, retrospectives and finding a way forward

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Devoxx Retrospective sailing – Collaboration Games june16 being agile from Belinda Waldock

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A hands on workshop facilitating a hands on retrospective team game that aims to help you achieve that feeling of Smooth Sailing.

Attendees will be introduced to this game, play the game, and feedback to the room, with case examples and tips for facilitating the game themselves.

Smooth Sailing is a game you can play as a development team, or, with clients and customers to help understand the product you are building better and, how the journey to its creation is fairing.
This game will give you a new and fun way to run a retrospective to help to gain your barrings, identify what’s putting the wind in your sails, the anchors holding you back, and discover your buried treasure. Then you’ll plot your course and map a way forward that raises those anchors and catches the tide and a fair wind.

Merchants, Pirates and Cruisers welcome, bring your captain, crew and guests! Join us for some constructive fun, and feel free to bring an idea for a topic you’d like to reflect on.

Teams attending the workshop as a group can work on their own current journeys. Individuals can join groups reflecting on a common shared topic. All puns intended, see you onboard!

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