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I am delighted to be speaking at Agile in the City Bristol 2018

Growing an Agile Culture – Slides PDF

In this talk we will explore how creating a culture of agility across an organisation helps to enhance well-being, productivity and growth.

We will consider what an agile culture looks like, feels like, what it means, and outcomes we might expect.

We will look at how we create a better agile culture in teams, what are the key things we should do, stop doing, and what approach should we take. We will identify some of the behaviours and limiting beliefs we have that sabotage our agility, and how to strengthen our supporting beliefs and values to build confidence and sustain an agile culture.

In this talk we will explore what modern agile culture looks and feels like, and the attitudes, values and beliefs needed to grow and sustain a culture of agility in our teams and organisations.

Belinda is a business coach, trainer, speaker and author. She supports organisations and teams to adopt an agile way of working to enhance their wellbeing, productivity and growth.

Belinda’s book, Being Agile in Business is a popular non-technical introduction to agile thinking, approaches and culture.

Her business, ‘being agile’ works with teams across a variety of areas to adopt agile thinking and practices, helping them to grow and sustain an agile culture in their organisations.