Absolutely delighted to join the Media Majlis team in Doha, Qatar to deliver a 3 day Being Agile in Museum Teams course to the museum team and supporting university team members.

Over the 3 days teams gained an understanding of agile methods and tools and how they can be applied in their own work, and within the Museum context.

Teams explored the application of agile for

  • Opening the Media Majlis Museum
  • First 4 exhibitions to be run
  • Curating and Running an agile exhibition
  • agile and technology at the museum

During the 3 days the teams practically applied agile principles and practices to their work. The teams also worked on two scenarios for museums on the moon and Mars to help explore agile adoption in the museum environment.

  • Team Agile Charter / Manifesto
  • Agile Project Management
  • Research and Exhibition Curation
  • Programmes & Publications
  • Exhibition Spaces and Programmes
  • Curating Archives
  • Digital Projects
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Experimentation and Testing
  • Responding to impact of exhibitions

  • Agile Thinking – understand and develop an agile mind set
  • Agile Method – adopt agile principles and practices
  • Agile Approach – implement practical tools and techniques
  • Agile Culture – create an environment that enables agility

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