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Agile Well-being – Improving your Mental Health and Well-being with Agile – Free to attend.

This Date is now Fully Booked – please see our next date 31 Jan 23 Agile Well-being Workshop – Zoom

An introduction to developing an agile mindset and applying its methods for improving our mental health and well-being.

Weds, 18th January 2023, 13:00 – 14:00 GMT Zoom Online

Attendees of my training and workshops for Being agile in Business often say they feel like a weight’s been lifted, a fog has cleared, and the feeling they had of being overwhelmed has gone. They leave the workshop feeling like they have clarity, focus and a positive way forward, that they can change if they need to!

So this workshop is all about us doing just that, for whatever it is that’s stopping you, bugging you, nagging at you, or on your mind.

In this session we will explore agile approaches and how they can help us to better manage work and life, make things happen, keep a healthy balance and spot issues before they become a problem.

Being Agile is a great mindset for dealing with the change and uncertainties that the world throws at us

Agile is a great method for getting things out of your head and seeing them more clearly so you can reflect and respond in the best way you can.

  • understand the basics of an agile approach
  • create your own agile canvas to get a better view of your world
  • plot a way forward using the agile mindset and method


  • Gain a new perspective on change and uncertainty
  • Learn how to accept and navigate change
  • Apply simple tools to keep you organised and focused
  • Reflect and gain awareness of what’s putting the wind in your sails, and the anchors holding you back
  • Understand and adopt key agile concepts and principles
  • Gain practical experience of using agile tools and practices
  • Learn to apply and implement agile methods and practices
  • Identify when are where to take an agile approach

In this session you will explore and apply the mind set and approach behind agile working, and its application to managing your mental health and well-being.

“Thank you – one of the best training sessions I’ve been on in a long time. Really productive, pragmatic and helpful”

Fantastic course, looking forward to applying this in my work and home life. Excellent, practical approach, very motivational. I think the entire company should attend training.

  • Communicate and Collaborate better
  • Gain Visibility and Clarity
  • Identify & solve problems early
  • Adapt to evolving environments
  • Save time, money & resources
  • Improve productivity & performance
  • Make work easier, faster & better
  • Deliver more for less
  • Boost energy and well-being

I have had my own experiences of taking an agile approach for my own wellbeing and mental health. In 2019 my business plans took a huge unexpected pivot. In the same year I met my partner Steve and became a parent to his two brilliant kids, we spent the pandemic together being agile, including my unexpected successful implementation of agile home school. Early 2020 the world froze and so did I, literally, with Long Covid, before we knew Long covid was even a thing, and it was an agile approach that got me through it and to full recovery. Then 2021 my business and world pivots again, more shifting business models, the challenges of being a working parent, and we welcomed a pony to the family who I have very much enjoyed being agile on the past year. I believe agile methods have helped get me through this rollercoaster of change and uncertainty.

In the session I’ll share with you the foundations of the agile mindset and method, help you get started with your own agile plan, and share stories and insights into how agile can help us find a way forward, even in the most uncertain of times.

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Materials – Pen and Paper, sticky notes, or a digital board such as Trello.

What attendees say about our workshops

“The Agile workshop was a real invigorating experience. I left feeling enriched for life. it has given me a life tool to use not only in my professional life but also in my private life so much so that I have now passed on my newly acquired knowledge and skills to my immediate family members and friends. I think success is guaranteed for anyone who is equipped with such powerful knowledge and skills. Honestly speaking, I think it should be taught to all of us who aspire to do better and be instilled into young minds from very early on.”  Nitisha Ramrekha-Heeramum, Museum Diversity Team, The Museum of English Rural Life, University of Reading and Reading Museum

“I have found the ‘Learn Act Reflect’ board to be very useful for my own workload and collectively with the project team.  It is a step up from writing down your tasks on a ‘to-do’ list or in a diary. With this plan you can really analyse everything that you are doing which can help to ease the pressure of working on a number of tasks simultaneously.  It’s a great feeling when you see your tasks gradually move into the ‘Done’ box!” Charlene Marriott, Museum Diversity Team, The Museum of English Rural Life and Reading Museum