Agile Leadership in Policing

In this interactive agile leadership session we will explore how being agile can help to improve the performance, well-being and growth of your team, empowering them to create safer, smarter, quicker and better ways of working.

Agile is a modern management approach that helps leadership teams to build a working environment that empowers teams to respond quickly to change and manage uncertainty during times of transformation. Agile leaders work to foster a culture of collaborative working, empowering their teams to be self-organising and promote continuous learning and improvement.

During the session attendees will identify, discuss and reflect upon how the attitudes and behaviours, an organisations culture, and the systems and methods it uses can limit its agility or enhance it, and how.

Attendees will gain an understanding of key principles and practices of an agile leader and their team, together with ways to improve growth, performance and well-being using agile methods.

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Retrospective Sailing Guide

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Senior Women in Policing Conference 2019

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In 2019, the Senior Women in Policing conference will be held in Birmingham between Wednesday 6th – Friday 8th March and will be hosted by Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Mercia and West Midlands Police forces. The timing of the conference is significant as it provides the opportunity to celebrate together International Women’s Day on the final day of the conference – Friday 8th March.

Hosted in two stunning city centre venues, the Birmingham Repertory Theatre and The Library of Birmingham, we are offering an impressive main stage line-up compered by our host, TV presenter Steph McGovern, and supported by a diverse range of workshops. We also have a great array of keynote speakers culminating with our closing keynote speaker on Friday 8th March – mental health campaigner and author Ruby Wax. In addition, our fringe events will provide delegates with a unique opportunity to get a real taste for the culture of our region and communities, whilst creating the right environment for those vital conversations with like-minded leaders.