Being Agile in Policing – I was delighted to attend the Staffs PPD this week as part of the SAWP, Staffordshire Association for Women in Policing. Representing, supporting and developing women of all ranks and roles in Staffordshire Police.

Below are the slides from my talk exploring #beingagile in Policing and how #agile could help us respond to the signs that crime models are becoming more agile. @SAWPSTAFFS

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Being Agile in Policing

Being Agile provide a range of custom courses and workshops to support the adoption of agile approaches and methods within policing and security. As crime itself becomes more agile, police forces and their ways of working need to become more responsive. Criminals take advantage of slow systems and enforcement processes to beat and game the system. For example a tax evasion scheme that is run for a short time and shutdown before it can be bought to court.

Police forces have the opportunity to develop their agility and become more responsive to crime, working to prevent and disrupt crime, and develop justice systems that are agile enough to ensure that action can be taken. Technology enables officers to be connected real time with colleagues whether at home, in the office or out on the beat. An agile culture is needed to take advantages of advances in technology, respond to agile criminal models and support the well being, performance and growth of our forces.

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Being Agile in Policing

“Belinda was excellent in the work she provided for Essex Police Senior Leadership Team around Agile Working. I provided her with some background information as to where our organisation was in terms of agile working, the challenges we were facing and what I hoped to achieve. She tailor made her session to suit our needs in the time frame available. She went through the details before with me to ensure I was satisfied with it and then delivered it really well. It provided great insight to people and allowed interaction and discussion with the senior leaders with Belinda on hand to facilitate between the groups. It was exactly what I had requested.  Excellent, positive feedback was received from Chief Officers at Essex Police.”  Anna Granger 74554 Chief Inspector, Estates Transformation, Strategic Change Directorate, Essex Police.