Agile Charity, Social Enterprise, Not for Profit and Funded Organisations

“Thank you – one of the best training sessions I’ve been on in a long time. Really productive, pragmatic and helpful” Chloe, Cornwall Museums Partnership

This one day workshop will provide Charities, Not for Profits, Social Enterprises and Funded Programme Teams with the skills and tools to embrace Agile Project Management as a complementary addition to help springboard their growth strategies.

The workshop will help social enterprises to:

  • Cultivate an Agile mind-set
  • Embrace project management
  • Explore planning and strategic management
  • Develop skills and use tools to support business growth

Attendees will receive:

  • A clear definition of Agile and an understanding of the Agile way of working
  • A practical, interactive session to demonstrate Agile in action
  • Training to use Agile within their own social enterprise

Agile Charity, Social Enterprise and Not for Profit Organisations

“Invigorating, timely and informative training. Given me confidence to try some of the ways of agile working, firstly as an individual and then across the organisation. Liked having access to the training material in advance of the training. Did not use jargon. Highly recommend. Can’t wait to try an agile approach.”
Amanda Anderson, Chief Operating Officer , Durham Cathedral

About Belinda

Belinda will share her experience and knowledge of founding, running and sustaining community led organisations. She has shared her models, practices and tactics with many organisations to share the success of adopting agile to develop new and innovative socially led organisations and networks.

Software Cornwall represents the tech community in Cornwall. Its team supports training and education to inspire others into computing careers, and promotes and supports the community and its broad variety of members.

Agile on the Beach was founded with EU funds, over the course of 4 years the conference was transformed into a self-sustaining globally recognised conference attracting global agile thought leaders and brands from across the world.

Belinda has developed and delivered many Business Growth EU funded programmes using agile methods and practices. She has worked with Public Sector teach such as DCLG to develop agile approaches to programme development and delivery.


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