Being Agile in Finance

An introduction to Agile Project Management and Teams for Finance professionals and teams.

  • Learn and experience the Agile project management methodology to apply it in a diverse range of ongoing and future projects in your organisation.
  • Learn the tools used in the Agile project management approach to include the most relevant ones to attendees
  • Identify the scenarios where the Agile project management approach is more suitable to be applied against other project management approaches.

This 1 day course introduces the key concepts, methods and tools used in Agile Project Management applied in non-technical projects and environments, specifically Finance projects and teams. The session is customised for the team enabling them to explore the adoption and adaption of agile for their own projects and working environment, and immediately implement them following the course.

  • Agile Thinking – the key concepts and principles of agile project management
  • Agile Method – the key features of an agile project model and its delivery methods
  • Agile Practices – outline of key tools used to manage an agile project (including dashboard, retrospectives and prioritisation tools)

“Belinda helped me to understand the concept and details of the Agile approach in a very effective way and with an excellent balance between breadth and depth. We also had the chance to talk about the different possibilities and options of applying Agile to the context of the business including suggestions of the best approach to start using it in real cases. As someone with Project Management background I really enjoyed the experience as it allowed me to expand my project management “toolkit”. I will start applying Agile in the business in the short term with special attention to its visibility and team coordination features.”

“If you are always looking for ways to make you, your team and your business smarter then I strongly recommend this course. Thanks Belinda!” Percy Griffiths, Process Improvement Manager, Finance & IT, BRITA UK.

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