We are delighted to offer our custom training and coaching online through a variety of collaborative platforms.

Our online courses are a mix of theory, discussion and application. Using Zoom or your preferred platform teams work collaboratively to explore agile.

Facilitated practical sessions allow teams to visually review, plan and act in an agile way using agile games, tools and concepts to apply and adapt agile in context.

Choose from short basic courses to fully customised programmes for your team, taking an agile approach to your journey.

Here’s some of the feedback we have received from our online attendees

“Well presented and very informative.”
Stuart Dandy, Software Developer

“A really interesting session giving tips and tools on how to become more agile as remote teams.
There was a lot of helpful content and ideas that I will be thinking about how to take forward in my own work, that of my team and wider project teams in which I participate.
I really appreciated the links to free tools that can support agile working in practice and the nugget of advice to take an ‘agile’ approach to start to work in an ‘agile’ manner i.e. small and meaningful change.”

Gaye Kirby, Head of Development & Strategy, Durham Cathedral

“Invigorating, timely and informative training. Given me confidence to try some of the ways of agile working, firstly as an individual and then across the organisation. Liked having access to the training material in advance of the training. Did not use jargon. Highly recommend. Can’t wait to try an agile approach.”
Amanda Anderson, Chief Operating Officer, , Durham Cathedral

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