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Books on Agile : Being Agile in Business

If agile started as a software development movement, the customer has been at the center of its values since its initial statement. The usage of agile and lean has now widespread beyond the IT world. In her book “Being Agile in Business”, Belinda Waldock explains the agile and lean approaches from a business perspective.

I will recommend this book as a good introduction to the agile approaches for every business person that has to deal with an agile software development team, as a product owner or a manager, or that want to implement the agile perspective in other domains like marketing or sales.

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Books on agile

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Books on Agile

Being Agile in Business

Agile and lean aren’t just business buzzwords – they’re the fast and efficient methodologies you need to change the way you work – for good.

Work faster, think clearer and improve your agility, both professionally and personally, with a suite of powerful tools that will introduce you to the essential skills and mindsets of agile and lean and quickly encourage you to start thinking differently.

Ø Get up to speed: learn all about agile and lean and how they can work for you

Ø Stop wasting time: think smart, act fast, be adaptable and get more done

Ø Be efficient: spot opportunities, maximise your resources and blast through barriers

Ø Get results: maximise quality and value and turn your ideas into reality

For a clear, collaborative and more enjoyable way to work, start being agile – today!

Shortlisted for the ‘Practical Manager’ category at the Chartered Management Institute Management Book of the Year Awards. Judges’ comments:

“A unified suite of practical tools that will enable all managers to work faster, think clearer and improve their agility.” Ian MacEachern, Practical Manager Category Chair
“I would recommend it to leaders of SMEs, who are sometimes so immersed in the “now” they can not see a way to get to a less stressful future.” Quentin Kopp – Practical Manager Category Judge