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Agile Business Creation – Influencing the Creation of the Agile Business – April 2016

Explore how, as more technology requirements are being developed in an Agile way, the IT function can help their business improve their own agility

Event Code: W2269Date: 27 Apr 2016
Venue: Milton KeynesTime: 09.45  – 16.00

Agile Business Creation – There has been tremendous focus over recent years in moving development of technology solutions using Agile methodologies. However, does your business really understand the implications to how they need to do business? What can IT do to help the business understand the implications and benefits of adapting to become light of foot and ultimately more competitive?

This workshop will explore the lessons learnt by IT in adopting Agile methodologies and how these lessons can be applied to the business world. It will provide a vibrant mix of case studies, expert input and open discussion.


E.ON, Dave White and Sebastien Bonicel, Agile Coaches
E.ON is a multi-regional market leading utility company going through a complex transition. The agile journey started 5 years ago with a focus on individual IT projects delivering software but has moved to a more business focused transformation looking at mindset, organisational and business model impacts across the board. As a multi-cultural environment, the challenges facing E.ON are immense but key concepts are emerging: value-driven thinking, people are the engine to make it work, courage is not a virtue it is a necessity, leadership brings unity to the whole.

In this short talk Dave White and Sebastien Bonicel, both agile coaches at E.ON, will share some of the journey so far but also look at the key challenges that they face on a daily basis.

Being Agile, Belinda Waldock, Business Coach & Agile Business Specialist
Belinda will address the cultural and structural challenges a business faces when ‘becoming agile’ – the key challenges in the creation of the Agile Business. The presentation will include a number of case study examples to highlight the challenges of ‘becoming agile’ from a leadership perspective.

DSDM Consortium, Ed Holt
The DSDM Consortium is rooted in the promotion of a framework and agile techniques for the delivery of IT projects, and has a successful 20 year track record of thought leadership and practical deliverables.

With the advent of the inter-connected ‘Digital Age’ there is growing pressure on the wider business (beyond IT) to act in a nimble, responsive, agile way – and this represents an opportunity for the Agile community broaden its scope and to take the lead in promoting and supporting ‘The Agile Enterprise’ (both private and public sector).


To explore how, as more technology requirements are being developed in an Agile way, the IT function can help their business improve their own agility.

Who should attend

Corporate IT professionals with responsibility for, or an interest in, the development of wider business agility.