agile in business

Beyond Code : Being Agile in Business

Agile has reached far beyond its origins as a method for writing great code and delivering systems, it has gone viral, it has changed the dynamics of how organisations operate at every level – test driven product development, continuous delivery and improvement , talent and knowledge driven operations, diverse, organic and dynamic team and business structures and more.

In this session hear stories about how agile adventures beyond the code are changing traditional business practices and delivering a business management model fit for the 21st century.

Future of Agile Business – Speaker at London 2017

I am glad to confirm i will be speaking at on 26th May 2017 as an agile business speaker on the future of agile.

What next in Agility? Since the Agile Manifesto has been released the 11th Feb 2001, Agility has evolved a lot, and more change are coming. Conference aims to help Agility to move forward, to explore its new trends and shaping its future.

The Program of 2017 is out! Come at and enjoy the best talks and workshops on the most recent practices and experimentations in Agility and what is shaping its future.

Aginext London 2017 will happen at etc.venue Norton-Falgate near Liverpool Street Friday 26th May 2017.

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