The Challenges of Scaling Agile Delivery – Existing Teams – Agile Road Less Travelled – Session 2

Brilliant Scaling Agile delivery discussions today for the 2nd Agile Road Less Travelled meet up. Many thanks to all those who attended. We ran a mixed format today of talk & peer group discussion. Our topic – Scaling agile delivery – expanding agile approaches within existing organisations.

A few of the areas we discussed ..

🔸What do we mean by scaling agile delivery 🔸Why we want to scale 🔸Where do we want to scale 🔸Challenges of scaling 🔸Opportunities of scaling 🔸Impact of scaling 🔸Getting Buy-in 🔸Options for scaling 🔸Solutions to scaling challenges 🔸Mindset & Culture 🔸Frameworks and methods

Examples 🔹Additional Scrum Master 🔹More teams adopting agile within business 🔹Spotify model 🔹A lead developer leaving suddenly 🔹Redundancies #scalingagile #agiledelivery #agileadoption Co-

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