Being Agile in Thoughtworks!

I had a fantastic time Being agile in Thoughtworks in London to launch my book Being agile in Business and share some of the stories in the book and from my work in Cornwall.

A huge thank you to Thoughtworks team (James, Kate, Brid especially) for making me feel so welcome and hosting the events.  Thank you to all  who came along and supported me, and helped to make being agile happen!

the video stops short of the final agile story about writing the book using agile and sanity over vanity metrics, but you can read the blog post here :

Read the story about writing the book in an agile way here

order your copy of Being agile in Business on amazon here

Thoughtworks Meet Up 6-8pm Wednesday 29th July

James Lewis from Thoughtworks hosting

Belinda Waldock, author of Being Agile in Business

Agile from a business perspective

Belinda has launched a book on agile that’s not just for tech, it introduces agile from the business perspective, giving examples of how it is used to build successful products, teams and cultures within any business.  Shes worked with an array of businesses to adapt to agile for the management of their software investment projects, to their own business development and managment practices.

Join James and Belinda from 6-8pm to hear more about Being agile in Business

Being agile in Business – Smarter, leaner, faster ways of working

Wed Jul 29, 2015 6pm – 8pm London

Thoughtworks – first floor

76-78 Wardour Street, London, W1F 0UR

Belinda Waldock is a business coach who has worked to help hundreds of small to medium sized businesses to overcome the challenges of fast growth by adopting agile practices to create a culture of agility.

Belinda Waldock is an Agile Business Coach, professionally qualified ILM Coach and Mentor in Business Management and a Computer Science graduate. Over the past 15 years Belinda has worked with small to medium sized businesses in the UK and over the past 5 years has specialised in Agile and Lean methods for business development and improvement. Belinda works with a broad range of high growth businesses from community social enterprises to specialist software providers to adopt agile practices as highly effective methods for managing projects, empowering teams and creating a positive culture of organisational agility.

Belinda is part of the organising committee for one of the World’s leading agile conferences, Agile on the Beach, held each September in Falmouth, Cornwall. Belinda has helped to develop and grow the conference over the past 4 years to be self-sustaining and is a regular speaker sharing her experiences of adopting and using agile beyond the software sector. She also manages Software Cornwall, a small high growth cluster network of software development companies and works as an independent Agile Business Coach.

Being Agile in Business is a result of Belindas work with businesses to adopt and use agile beyond its origins in Software development. She has worked with Breweries, Manufacturers, Toy Designers, Social Enterprises, Marketing Agencies, Geologists and many more to use agile to manage change and leverage their growth potential successfully. The book brings together the learning and approaches used into an easy to follow guide to developing an agile mindset and taking an agile approach.

6-8pm 29 July

Being Agile in Thoughtworks
76-78 Wardour Street, London, W1F 0UR