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Be an Agile Minded Business Woman

Superfast Women in Business Event – 9th May 2017

Agile Women in Business Event : Become an Agile Minded Business Woman

Funded by the Superfast Business Cornwall Programme I am delighted to be part of this Women in Business event focusing on women in tech and all women who want to become an agile minded business woman and run their lives and businesses in a more agile way!

  • Tuesday 9 May 2017
  • Pool Innovation Centre, Pool TR15 3PL


  • 09.00-09.30 Registration
  • 09:30-09:45 Welcome – Superfast Business Cornwall
  • 09:45-10:45 Belinda Waldock ‘Become an Agile Minded Business Woman’
  • 10:45-11.15 Break and networking
  • 11.15-12.15 Agile Action Learning Workshop and Q&A
  • 12.15-12:30 Networking & Close

Join Superfast Business Cornwall at this informal workshop specifically for female entrepreneurs and women considering setting up in business.

We’ll discuss how to manage digital projects and tasks using an Agile approach.

Belinda Waldock, Director at Being Agile and Author of “Being Agile in Business”, will talk about how to use an agile approach to manage projects, empower teams and create a positive culture for business growth.

“If women were engaging in entrepreneurial activity at the same rate as men, there would be an extra one million entrepreneurs.” – Women’s Business Council

You don’t need to speak geek to understand how technology can help your business. Our women led enterprise networking events will be delivered in a jargon-free and easy to understand manner.

Superfast Business Cornwall offers a tailored programme of high quality information, advice and digital development. It aims to boost business competitiveness through increased understanding and exploitation of digital technology. The service runs until March 2019 and is fully funded by European Regional Development Fund so there is no charge for eligible* SMEs, start–ups and social enterprises to participate

10 ways to be a more agile minded business woman by Belinda Waldock

1. Embrace the chaos

” There is chaos under the heavens and the situation is excellent” – Chinese proverb

Read this quote again and take a minute to consider the positive perspective of change that it implies.

2. Get stuff out of your head

One simple tool used a lot in agile thinking which is really simple and easy to use are sticky notes. They can be used in all sorts of ways – I love to use them to get information out of my chaotic head and into a format that I can visualise, organise and review, it helps me to think things through.

3. Question your assumptions

It’s a good idea to step back and take a reality check on your situation and assumptions you might be making.

4. Keep yourself in check

It’s ok if things aren’t perfect, most things don’t need to be perfect, they need to be good enough to achieve satisfaction, good practice is often best practice.

5. Think big, act small

Agile encourages us to think big but act small, have a clear goal that identifies the value you seek to deliver, break it down into manageable chunks of value, work in short sprints to deliver value early.

6. Optimise your Focus

A great way to optimise your work is to us the Pareto Principle, defined in the early twentieth century by economist Vilfredo Pareto that 20% of our efforts creates 80% of the value we deliver.

7. Give yourself a morning huddle

Each morning have a quick meeting to review what you did yesterday, what you plan to do today and if there are any blocks or issues that need to be resolved.

8. Choose sanity not vanity metrics

Vanity metrics are the sort of metrics that tell you what you want to hear, and they paint a picture of the best parts of the story, what is going well. Vanity metrics can make us feel good but they can also be misleading and lull us into a false sense of security.

9. Go all retro

Every few weeks spend some time in retrospect on your own and with your team.

10. Change your mind

The key is to embrace change regularly as it happens rather than try to avoid it, on a regular basis take some time to review the big picture and whether you should persevere with your plans or pivot to take a new direction.

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