agile in business

Delighted to present a 2 hour talk and workshop to students on the BETA Enterprise Course

BETA is an extracurricular Enterprise Programme for University of Plymouth students, local businesses and individuals who aspire to enhance their professional skills and potentially start a new enterprise.

Talk & Workshop

Belinda will introduce how agile and lean approaches can be used for starting and growing a business. Students will apply agile project management to their own business ideas and explore how lean and agile approaches can be applied to developing branding and marketing for your business in its early stages and as it grows.

Belinda is a business coach, trainer, speaker and author. She supports organisations and teams to adopt an agile way of working to enhance their wellbeing, productivity and growth.

Belinda’s book, Being Agile in Business is a popular non-technical introduction to agile thinking, approaches and culture.

Her business, ‘being agile’ works with teams across a variety of areas to adopt agile thinking and practices, helping them to grow and sustain an agile culture in their organisations.