Agile Peer Group – Introductory formation Session

Agile Peer Group – learn what it is and if you would like to join one!

In this session Belinda will introduce Agile Peer Groups and how they work. Attendees will form an Agile Peer Group to experience a short APG session.

Following the session you will be invited to join a regular Agile Peer Group.

When and where

Thu, 9 February 2023, 12:00 – 13:00 GMT

Live Zoom Online

What is an Agile Peer Group

An Agile Peer Group is a group of like minded individuals who meet regularly to support one another in their agile journeys.

At each meeting groups share their current opportunities and challenges and we vote on which we would like to be our session goal and explore further during the session.

In the session the group discusses the reality of the current situation for the goal owner.

Once the current situation is clear the group offers ideas for options that the goal owner could take forward. Sharing experiences of similar experiences and outcomes.

Finally the goal owner selects the options they wish to explore further and actions to take away.

At the next session the goal owner will feedback on their progress and outcomes.

How often do Agile Peer Groups Meet?

This depends on what the group decides, it’s usually every month or two. For example the third Thursday of each month.

What are the rules of an Agile Peer Group?

Code of Conduct – Be kind.

Collaboration over competition – we aim to have non competing groups however we have found that where there is competition there is opportunity for collaboration.

Confidentiality – group members commit to a code of confidentiality where content of sessions is confidential unless specifically agreed by group members to share.

Agile Peer Group options?

If you would like to join an Agile Peer Group

Agile Peer Groups aim to be self-organising, based on common themes of attendees who wish to form a Peer group at the session.

Monthly APG – 12 sessions
Bi-monthly APG – 6 sessions
Quarterly APG – 4 sessions

8 members per peer group

Group suggestions:

Stages – Start ups, Growth, Leadership, Well-being

Sectors – eHealth, AI, Arts/heritage, Creativetech

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