Agile Outside IT Meet Up

Tuesday 3rd october 6.30-8.45pm   – Agile Outside IT, Hosted by Barclays, Canary Wharf, London

  • 6.30 – arrival
  • 6.45  – Being Agile : Beyond IT
  • 7.15 – A Retrospective on Agile outside IT – game (45 minutes)
  • 8.00 – Q& A (15 minutes)
  • 8.45 – finish

Being Agile : Beyond IT Talk & Workshop with Belinda Waldock

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Belinda works with teams to help them grow and improve their performance through agile working. Her book, Being Agile in Business, has been internationally published and shortlisted as the CMI management book of the year.We consider her a keynote speaker for Agile outside IT. Safe to say, we are delighted that she can join us in October.Hear abou…

6.45–7.15pm  Being Agile : Beyond IT (Talk)

Agile has reached far beyond its origins as a method for writing great code and delivering IT systems, it has gone viral, it has changed the dynamics of how organisations operate at every level – test driven product development, continuous delivery and improvement, talent and knowledge driven operations, diverse, organic, dynamic team and business structures and more.

In this session hear stories about how agile adventures beyond the tech sector are changing traditional business practices and delivering a business management model fit for the 21st century.  Hear how Belinda has used agile to create a world leading conference, write a book, and nurture a high growth tech community in Cornwall.   Hear about how the businesses and their teams she works with are adopting agile across the sectors, from fashion to finance, marketing to micro-breweries.

7.15-8.00pm Agile Retrospective Sailing Workshop

This game will give you a new and active way to run a retrospective.  It will help you and your teams to gain your bearings about your mission, identify what’s putting the wind in your sails and find the anchors holding you back. Then you’ll plot your course and map a way forward that raises those anchors and catches the tide and a fair wind!

In this session we will play the game in groups on the topic of Agile Beyond IT, attendees will be introduced to the game and try it out themselves. They’ll be case examples and tips for facilitating the game too.  Join us for some constructive fun, practical outcomes, and a really useful tool to take back to the office.

8.00–8.15pm Questions & Answer Session with Belinda to finish

8.15 -8.45pm Networking

Belinda Waldock is an Agile Business Coach, author of Being Agile in Business, co-organiser of Agile on the Beach and co-founder of one of the fastest growing tech communities in the UK.  Belinda works with teams to help them grow and improve their performance through agile working. Her book Being Agile in Business has been internationally published, shortlisted as the CMI management book of the year and translated into Chinese.

Belinda works with private and public sector teams and businesses supporting growth and improvement.  She focuses on creating whole business agility from teams & products, to business models and cultural tranformation.  Her translation of agile for non IT adoption ‘Being Agile’, has been adopted by a broad range of high growth businesses across many business sectors, from finance to fashion, HR to PR, museums to microbreweries, she has found agile can be of great value to many teams or organisations.

Belinda’s background includes the development and delivery of multiple highly successful European funded programmes using agile working, continuously exceeding targets and establishing a strong legacy of self-sustaining growth post funding.

She is co-organiser for the globally recognised conference and a regular speaker at events sharing her experiences of adopting agile within and beyond the tech sector.

Belinda is a co-founder and director of , the second fastest growing digital cluster in the UK (TechNation2015), which represents a community of businesses, education and support organisations dedicated to connecting, promoting and supporting the growing tech community in Cornwall.

You can find out more about Belinda through twitter @belindawaldock, on LinkedIn or via her company website