Agile Keynote at European Lean Educator Conference Sept 2016

Keynote Belinda Waldock – Agile for Lean People

Delighted to be invited to keynote at the third European Lean Educators Conference being held at Buckingham University this September

Also running a Pre-Conference 1 Day Workshop

Agile Thinking. An Introduction to Agile

European Lean Educator Conference 2016 (ELEC 2016)
12 September 2016 – 15 September 2016

Welcome to the 3rd European Lean Educators Conference!
Whilst the Lean Educator conference has been held in the USA for many years (more recently in association with the Institute of Industrial Engineers IIE and Lean Enterprise Institute), the first European Lean Educator Conference took place in Stuttgart in September 2014, and the second was held in Sweden in September 2015. Both were exceptional, allowing delegates to hear highly relevant keynotes, present papers, and generally to network and share experiences in teaching, educating, communicating and learning Lean, and in related fields such as Agile software, Lean Six Sigma and Factory Physics.

The European Lean Educator Conference is dedicated to fostering exchange within academia as well as between education and industry, which we believe is especially important. Toward that end, we are targeting both educators, Lean teaching and coaching specialists from industry.

The theme of the conference is ‘Lean education outside of manufacturing’. This could include topics as diverse as Lean Product Design, Product and Software Innovation, Agile and Scrum, Lean Accounting, Lean in the Office, Lean Service, Systems thinking, Continuous improvement, as well as applications from healthcare, supply chain, Lean in education, Quality and ‘Kata’.

Through innovative educational approaches – ranging from simulations, case studies, learning factories and new training methods – participants will receive new ideas for teaching, practising and coaching continuous improvement.