Being Agile in Business Workshop

An introduction to Being Agile in Business, mindset, methods & tools.

Tue, 7 February 2023, 10:00 – 12:00 GMT Zoom Live.

Free to attend

This agile online workshop will introduce attendees to the essential methods, skills and values of agile working in your organisation and teams context.

It will provide a clear understanding of agile principles, concepts and tools that can be immediately implemented.

Work faster, think clearer and improve your individual, team and business agility with this Being Agile in Business course.


  • Understand and adopt key agile concepts and principles
  • Gain practical experience of using agile tools and practices
  • Learn to apply and implement agile methods and practices
  • Identify when are where to take an agile approach

In this training course you will explore the mind set and approach behind agile working, including project management and team working.

“Thank you – one of the best training sessions I’ve been on in a long time. Really productive, pragmatic and helpful”

Agile Online Workshop : Course outline

1. Agile Mindset

  • Agile Thinking
  • Agile Manifesto
  • Adaptive versus predictive planning
  • When to use agile methods

2. Agile Methodology

  • Iterative Development Method
  • Working in Sprints
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Continuous Delivery

3. Agile Tools & Practices

  • Visibility & Communication
  • Estimation & Specification
  • Prioritisation & Planning
  • Retrospectives & Stand Ups

4. Agile Application

  • Apply agile to a particular project, team activity, product in development.

“Fantastic course, looking forward to applying this in my work and home life. Excellent, practical approach, very motivational. I think the entire company should attend training.“

  • Communicate and Collaborate
  • Gain Visibility and Clarity
  • Identify & solve problems early
  • Adapt to evolving environments
  • Save time, money & resources
  • Improve productivity & performance
  • Make work easier, faster & better
  • Deliver more for less
  • Boost energy and well-being

“If you are always looking for ways to make you, your team and your business smarter then I strongly recommend this course.”

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