Agile Retrospective Sailing – A short video guide.

A short guide to retrospective sailing from being agile in business. Retrospective sailing is a great game to play with your team to help to reflect, learn and improve, and, in this sense, make your boat go faster!

This short video will explain how to play Retrospective Sailing, run through an example, and tips on how to map an actionable way forward following your retrospective.

Presented by Belinda Waldock, originator of ‘being agile’ and ‘retrospective sailing’ Download templates, guides and more resources at

Belinda Waldock is the author of Being Agile in Business. Belinda is a business coach, trainer, speaker and author. She supports organisations and teams to adopt an agile way of working to enhance their wellbeing, productivity and growth. Belinda’s book, Being Agile in Business is a popular non-technical introduction to agile thinking, approaches and culture. Her business, ‘being agile’ works with teams across a variety of areas to adopt agile thinking and practices, helping them to grow and sustain an agile culture in their organisations.