Being Agile in Business

Belinda Waldock is a leading business coach who has worked to help hundreds of small to medium sized businesses to overcome the challenges of fast growth by adopting agile practices to create a culture of agility.

Being Agile in Business provides simple, jargon-free advice that is designed to be read in an agile way – in short bursts that can then be put into action in the real world. The book walks the reader through agile, explaining how the strategies and tools can enable organisations and individuals to work faster and smarter and navigate the uncertainty that all businesses face every day. As well as tactics, tools, templates and other practical guides, Being Agile in Business provides real life case studies to illustrate just how agile can enable leaders to find their own way to thrive in any situation.

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Discover a better way to work. Being Agile in Business, is internationally published by Pearson and shortlisted as Management book of the year.  The book is available in paperback, ebook & kindle editions, published in English and Chinese.

  • This book translates agile into plain english that can be applied to any team or business environment to improve communications, visibility, performance and morale.
  • A simple and straightforward guide to agile working, covering the application of agile in project management, product development, team performance and business management for any business professional.
  • Whether you work in a small business, global enterprise or the public sector this book will give you a quick guide to agile concepts, approaches, methods and tools you can immediately apply.

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Discover smarter, leaner, faster ways to succeed at work!

  • Understand and apply agile methods in your working world
  • Discover strategies and tools to make you work faster and better
  • Find out how to anticipate change and navigate uncertainty
  • Gain immediate clarity and control in any situation
  • Streamline and improve your day to day workflow
  • Uncover new ways to communicate and collaborate

Being agile in Business published by Pearson


Agile and lean aren’t just business buzzwords – they’re the fast and efficient methodologies you need to change the way you work – for good.

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Work faster, think clearer and improve your agility, both professionally and personally, with a suite of powerful tools that will introduce you to the essential skills and mindsets of agile and lean and quickly encourage you to start thinking differently.

  • Get up to speed: learn all about agile and lean and how they can work for you
  • Stop wasting time: think smart, act fast, be adaptable and get more done
  • Be efficient: spot opportunities, maximise your resources and blast through barriers
  • Get results:  maximise quality and value and turn your ideas into reality

For a clear, collaborative and more enjoyable way to work, start being agile – today!

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Expert Reviews

Great, practical and comprehensive. Learn how to apply the Agile mindset directly to your business and see it flourish.” Marcin Floryan, Tech Lead –

Such a wide range of useful and modern techniques. It’s an inspirational manual for any business leader! Jim Barritt, Principal Consultant – ThoughtWorks

A must read for anyone considering adopting Agile, it will significantly speed you to Aha moments. Olly Brand, IBMer and Agile Practitioner

An enjoyable read from cover to cover on the core practices and benefits of being agile” – Kate Hughes –  Group Program manager, Client frameworks, Skype

How to use Agile in any business. Every business could use a lesson in collaborating effectively, working more efficiently, and navigating uncertainty.Melissa Perri – CEO, ProdUX Labs

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Shortlisted for Management Book of the Year

Being Agile in Business was shortlisted for the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Management Book of the Year.  I am delighted to see agile methods gaining positive feedback in the business management community.

The book received some great feedback from the CMI judges which was ranked in the top 5 of the 55 books submitted in the category.  Shortlisted for the ‘Practical Manager’ category. Judges’ comments:

“A unified suite of practical tools that will enable all managers to work faster, think clearer and improve their agility.” Ian MacEachern, Category Chair

“I would recommend it to leaders of SMEs, who are sometimes so immersed in the “now” they canoot see a way to get to a less stressful future.” Quentin Kopp – Category Judge

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Being Agile in Business is a result of Belinda’s work with businesses to adopt and use agile beyond its origins in Software development. She has worked with Breweries, Manufacturers, Toy Designers, Social Enterprises, Marketing Agencies, Geologists and many more to use agile to manage change and leverage their growth potential successfully.

The book brings together the learning and approaches used into an easy to follow guide to developing an agile mindset and taking an agile approach.

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