Retrospective Sailing

Retrospective Sailing Game — Agile Teams & Practices Workshop template and guide

Put the wind back in the sails of your team, raise the anchors holding you back. Try out the Agile Retrospective Sailing game with your teams today, you’ll need something to draw a boat on, some post it notes and pens.

Belinda Waldock

Retrospective Sailing — an agile reflection game

A hands on workshop facilitating a practical retrospective game.

Retrospective Sailing is a game you can play as an individual in any role, as part of a development team, or, with clients and customers to help understand how your journey is fairing. This game will give you a new and fun way to run a retrospective to help to gain your bearings, identify what’s putting the wind in your sails, the anchors holding you back, and discover hidden treasure.

You’ll plot your mission and map a way forward that raises those anchors and catches the tide and a fair wind. Try it with your teams for some constructive fun, practical outcomes, and a useful tool for reviewing and finding a smooth course.

Extra Supporting Slides to help you faciliate your workshop and understand Agile Retrospectives and how to play the game.


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Being Agile in Business includes the Retrospective Sailing game and many more ways to enhance the agility of your teams, practices, products and business using agile. Available on amazon and book stores internationally

I have been running this Retrospective workshop with teams since 2012 with great success as a tool for helping them to reflect on previous work and focus on a positive way forward. Boats are a familiar game in my workshops and training to help teams to visualise their work, environment, capabilities, performance and much more!

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Happy sailing!


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