being agile on horseback – applying agile thinking, approaches and tactics to competitive horse riding!

I love applying agile techniques and approaches in different contexts, both in business and in life.  This year I have been applying it to my goal to compete on the pony I ride Storm.  He is a 19 year old connemara cross owned by my friend that I have been riding for the past couple of years.  I have ridden all my life but havent had the opportunity to compete before, or indeed even ride in a sand school, my training has all been by my horses on clay trails, cornish lanes and the odd county canter.

on horseback .. Ive been hinting in my talks lately about using tactics to reach my goal to compete in a cross country event! And last weekend we did it! I’m so delighted it went so well, so well that we won our class!! 🙂


Our long term goal is to compete in a one day event next year so over the autumn we are going to have a go at #dressage with the aim to put in a good test by christmas and compete in a musical christmas dressage event!  Neither of me or Storm have tried dressage before so we will be focusing on refining our style, improving our #balance #agility #flexibility #connection and partnership.

Our first sprint is learning the first test, and we will be entering our first event on 25th October, just 3 weeks away!  Its definitely going to be a minimum viable test, but we are hoping to get more that 2/10 for each move and some good feedback on how we can improve and refine! img_7217

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