Agile Retrospective Game

This retrospective game provides an easy and fun way to reflect on a projects progress, or for an individual review, or business / project review.

Pleased to give a short 20 minute introduction to Retrospectives and the Team game smooth sailing at Kernowdat on 9/12/16

Brief overview, for a full explanation please watch the you tube video, or find the details in my book

Retrospective sailing – an agile reflection game.  Delegates draw their own ‘ship’ representing themselves, a project, product, team or business.  They add ‘sails’ for the things that are going well, and ‘anchors’ for things they can do better /problems with post it notes, they then review and scale their anchors and sails and identify actions to ‘raise an anchor a little’ or ‘raise their sail a little higher’ to find solutions and ways forward.


Retrospective Games – introduction to sailboat game at Kernow DAT