Agile Management Accounting

An introduction to Agile Management Accounting. What is agile and how does it impact on Management Accounting in a business.

Agile Project Management develops and delivers products and services in and incremental value driven approach.  The method uses planning models that include ‘beyond budgeting’, moving beyond fixed budgets and timescales for a project.  Agile instead encourages working with variable time, cost and quality, making initial budgets, timescales flexible as a project progresses.

In this talk we discuss what an agile mindset looks like, how the method works and how this impacts on how a project is measured.

Talk Slides

Agile Management Accounting


18th April 2018, cima, London, 60 attending

90 min talk and discussion about agile management accounting

  • Agile Thinking
  • Agile Methods
  • Agile Practices
  • Agile Measures and Metrics
  • Agile Performance Measurement
  • Sanity Metrics over Vanity Metrics
  • Agile Organisations

Follow up options for your team

  • Agile Experience Day for Management Accountants
  • Agile Project Management – Management Accounting
  • Agile Management Accounting

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