Being Agile has introduced Agile Project Management to many non-technical projects & teams and now offers agile for non technical projects & teams both on site and online as a half day training workshop.  Most agile courses currentlly available are focused on agile in software or technology as a process for building products, Being Agile is different, our courses are suitable for businesses and teams that are non-technical and wish to apply agile to non-software and project environments.  Courses are customised to find individual clients to apply and implement agile in their own work.

Taking agile beyond software for business projects this course provides a fast and effective introduction to the methodology in a non technical way.

Agile for non technical projects and teams

Introduction to Agile Project Management for Non Technical projects and teams

This facilitated online course will enable you to find out more about Agile Project Management and how agile can be adopted within your projects and teams for non technical projects :

Learn and experience the Agile project management methodology to apply it in a diverse range of ongoing and future projects.
Learn the tools used in the Agile project management approach and identify those most relevant to your work.
Identify the scenarios where the Agile project management approach is suitable to be applied within your teams and projects.

Suitable for individuals, teams, managers and directors who wish to gain a better understanding of Agile Project Management but where existing courses in Agile, Scrum or other existing training has been identified as too tech focused for their needs.

Suitable for adoption  for:

  • Agile for non technical projects
  • Using agile outside of sofware development
  • Agile for business projects
  • Agile beyond software

This agile course introduces the key concepts, methods and tools used in Agile Project Management.  The session will be customised enabling you to practically explore the adoption and adaption of agile for your own role, projects and working environment.

At the end of the course you will have applied agile to your own role and projects and have a tangible set of tools to take away and immediately implement.

Agile Thinking – key concepts and principles of agile project management
Agile Method – key features of an agile project model and its delivery methods
Agile Practices – key tools used to manage an agile project

3dbooksmThe course includes a 1 hour follow up session (recommended 3-4 weeks following course).  This extra session will enable you to discuss your adoption and experience of using agile following the course, and give further support and advice on applying agile project management to your own projects and work.

An Agile Course Pack including a copy of the ‘Being agile in Business’ book, Agile for non technical projects course slides, an A1 agile project dashboard and stationary is provided as part of your course package and sent directly to you prior to the delivery of your online course.

The course is 4 hours and is facilitated and delivered over skype (or your preferred video conferencing solution) using video and screen sharing.

The training is available as a 1:1 session or to small groups either at one or multiple locations.  All courses can be customised to match your needs.

Please contact us to discuss your goals and objectives further and to book your course  Courses and training are available on site as well as online, further topics and courses are available on request, please contact us for an initial conversation.

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