Being Agile is a model for using agile beyond its origins in the software sector.  Agile working can be applied to many sectors and activities, and its application by Mackerel Sky to events management shows its diversity and adapability as a model for business growth and improvement.  Since adopting agile, the business has transformed its business model delivering award winning events and globally recognised conferences including Agile on the Beach.  Their application not only to their business model but how they plan, develop and run events has shown how agile can be adopted for business development and the logistics of delivering events.

“Belinda is a strategic and enthusiastic consultant who understand each business for itself and the people involved. She listens and asks the right questions and enables us to find our path through whatever issue we may be facing.  Belinda gets inside the skin of the business and understands the crucial people part of making that organisation work.  More than that, she sees where we might go and gently nudges us in the right direction with a toolkit of models and ideas to help us achieve it.

Belinda has helped us to work through a change in business model to increase our profitability and potential for growth.  We are now in a position to grow significantly over the coming 12 months because we understand ourselves better with Belinda’s help.  Thanks to her input, we have implemented Agile across the business, particularly in terms of our client relationships, project planning, workload management and corporate strategy to ensure that we are fulfilling and exceeding project briefs every time.”

Claire Eason-Bassett Managing Director, Mackerel Sky Events